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Starter Video Showcasing:
Image Stills on Audiovisual Dynamics

Upgrade your powerpoint displays with a whole new dimension in performance and results! Reap the interactive benefits of video with MOTION, SOUND, ANIMATION
and GRAPHICS. For corporate presentations and web publications, VIDEO SHOWCASING provides a great marketing advantage over static still-image banner
ads and powerpoint files with engaging audio-visual impact. They carry many powerful
sales options like voiceovers, soundtracks and image animation that brings
familiarity to broadcast commercials and video displays. VIDEO SHOWCASING is a
cost-effective way to captivate the senses as a full production video project while making
it easy to share and play again.

VIDEO SAMPLES 1: The four samples below illustrate just a small view of what's possible using still images, animated transitions, appropriately selected stock music/soundtrack and a professional voice over. All projects are custom to your needs and all pricing appraisals are based on your specifications. Ask your StarCom Video Production agent for our 2014 price guide and a free assessment on your next video marketing project.

This elegant display of still-image visuals allows clients and prospects to view your best features enjoyably! Options for voice-over, advanced soundtrack and graphics available. (1:45)

This is a classic example of converting your Powerpoint presentation into a fully-functioning, optimizable, engaging video. The "Talking Slide Show" is snychronized to go with a voice-over script to convey a sequential message from intro to wrap-up to the 'call to action'.(1:10)

The power of images + sound allows any business to represent your best features. PLUS, with CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY, you can deliver original impressions to your marketing! (1:00)

Adapting a voice over to this slide show pursues capturing your audience like any commercial. With stylish imagery and a well-written script, you can convert any Video AD into an easily distributed digital sales force for your social media, your website or an email blast! (1:00)