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Cross Media Marketing

Star Communications utilizes a suite of technologies enabling the development and execution of cross media marketing campaigns that interact with customers and prospects over multiple media or channels. These campaigns integrate print, direct mail, email, web, mobile, and video. They are driven by data…..not simply what we know from the outset, but what we learn as these campaigns are executed. Newly acquired data or “the voice of customer” is incorporated into the campaign as it progresses, and drives the direction of the campaign and the very message itself. The process is continual feedback loop of test, collect data, measure, analyze, refine, and retest.

The right message is delivered to the right person at the right time 

The result is that the right message is delivered to the right person at the right time in the right channel….a message that is relevant because we are building it in real time based on the preferences of the recipient. They are actually co-branding the message for us. Unlike traditional direct marketing, we can serve up some very personalized content to the recipient. This personalization involves not just some variable text, but also images, pages, layout, and color. It also determines the appropriate means of delivery; whether it should be print, email, text messaging, web, or video. It involves the timing of the delivery based on triggered events, preferences, and responses from the recipient.

Simple or Complex Campaigns

This all may sound complicated, and much of the technology is, but the campaigns that we build and execute don’t have to be. While we can certainly build extremely broad and/or deep campaigns that are quite complex, not all campaigns utilize all of the technology at our disposal, nor do they need to. The most important consideration is that the message be as relevant as possible.

Measurement and Analytics

Here’s the best part….. all aspects of the campaign are measureable, and in real time, through web based marketing dashboards. Messaging, offers, creative, content, channels, and segments can all be tested, measured, and then refined based on customer/prospect feedback. Not only does this lead to significantly increased response rates, it allows your team to respond to recipient wants and needs in real time, creating satisfaction, loyalty, and measurable ROI.

Our Cross Media Services include:
Increase the bandwidth of you marketing efforts. Talk to us about the best way to put cross media marketing to work for you. We’ve been serving businesses in Hauppauge, Long Island and the Tri-State Area for years, so we know how to create cross media marketing that moves the needle.